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February 2016


Its time for a C change says Richard Hytner

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‘First the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest.’

That rule of the playground didn’t make the rounds at Richard Hytner’s primary school. He only found out that being first might be worst, or at least second best, when he went back to school, aged 43. At London Business School, he discovered that life without the CEO’s armband, the PA and the car parking space felt like unbridled liberation. Four years later, towards the end of his tenure as CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Europe, Middle East & Africa, he concluded he was rarely happy making the big ugly decisions, yet really happy influencing the cause. So he decided to become a deputy.

Front Row Hospitality

For the first time in his life, second became his first choice and for 8 years he has served as deputy chairman of creative powerhouse, Saatchi & Saatchi, prompting him to write a book about the joys, motivations and particular skills needed to lead from the shadows.

Our relationship with hierarchy, he says, remains unhealthy: ‘you are a Number One or a Number Who’. The regrettable conclusion is that the roles of deputy, adviser, counsellor, assistant – the ‘anybody-but-the-number-one’ – are seen to be less worthwhile and less desirable for ambitious and aspiring leaders, an assertion with which he wholeheartedly disagrees.

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Richard Hytner is deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide and adjunct professor of marketing, London Business School

Consiglieri: Leading From the Shadows was published by Profile Books in the UK and the US, Russia and China. Visit and follow Richard Hytner on twitter: @RichardHytner


2016 Rugby Hospitality at Twickenham Stadium


Front Row Hospitality offers a full complement of bespoke match packages in a VIP Private Box of 15 people at Twickenham Stadium. The offering includes match day entertainment, bespoke catering, and logistical planning. All add to the experience!

Front Row Hospitality

Twickenham Stadium will play host to Several top matches in the 2016 fixture list at Twickenham
Stadium. Unique, bespoke and targeted services include;

  • Early access to your exclusive hospitality suite with superb pre and post match hospitality
  • Attendance by Rugby legends as required
  • Level 3 Box centrally located in the East Stand
  • Including all food and beverages
  • Attentive, personal service from your dedicated hosting staff
  • Management of all hospitality requirements
  • Car parking places available on request and subject to availability
30th April Army v Navy – Babcock Cup 12 November England v South Africa
28th May Aviva Premiership Final 19 November England v Fiji
29th May England v Wales 26 November England v Argentina
21st & 22nd May HSBC London 7s 3 December England v Australia
3rd September – TBC London Double Header
8th December Oxford v Cambridge Varsity Match
27th December – TBC Big Game 9 - Harlequins v Premiership Side
Front Row Hospitality

For further information on hospitality facilities for all the Twickenham Rugby Matches & Autumn Rugby Internationals, please contact


CBRE EMEA Symposium

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

Sean Fitzpatrick attended the CBRE EMEA Symposium on behalf of Front Row Leadership and drew upon his experiences as a winning team captain for the All Blacks rugby team on how to perform to win.

The EMEA Symposium followed the theme ‘Interconnected value: people, place & property’. It was over two days at the Four Seasons in Hampshire with a variety of compelling speakers, heads of business, market specialists and professional coaches who explored how interconnected value can be driven through emerging trends including collaboration, co-location and knowledge sharing.

Sean spoke about how businesses can learn from sport pointing out 20-30 years ago it was the other way round. From the following survey; 80% of the audience agreed that culture was the biggest enabler for collaboration and innovation, 80% also said they expect their businesses to share space
with other organisations in the next five years, and 20% said this would never happen as compliance and regulation.


Innoprom 2016 Conference & Exhibition


Front Row Group is once again pleased to supportand assist with the management and organisation of Innoprom 2016 industrial, technology & Innovation conference and exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia from 11-14 July 2016.

Speakers include Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Victor Vekselberg, Arkady Dvorkovich and regional Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor Evgeny Kuyashev.

Innoprom is the large-scale annual international industrial exhibition in Yekaterinburg, presenting advanced technologies developed in Russia which are ready to be used in industry, to facilitate the spreading of the best innovation practices and developing business connections between industrial enterprises and technology developers.

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

Representatives of over 30 countries, including commercial enterprises and governmental institutions will attend the expo. Among the key participating companies will be NLMK, Siemens, Rusnano, Du Pont, Sberbank, VSMPO-AVISMA, Rosneft and others.


Further shaping the CHAINY Brand

Front Row Hospitality

It has been over a year since Chainy was born and, with the brand new 2016 - new goals are awaiting. The very first thing we wanted to do this year is to work with YOU. The foundation of Chainy was built upon the idea of loyalty, connection, daring to dream big and to be able to express yourselves in extraordinary ways. This time we want YOU to do exactly that. You are opportunity, you are the talent we crave and you are the person we really, really want to know more. And also we want you to get to know us the crazy family behind this vibrant project.

Front Row Hospitality

Designers from all over the world are welcome to participate in the contest, which involves creating a Twitter cover image for our @chainyofficial profile that will reflect both our team spirit and your creative abilities. This time, it is about YOU - use your vision and mirror our team in one single artwork using our Pinterest inspiration board. Feel free to check out our YouTube and Instagram accounts as well. We will select a winner and a finalist who will receive £500 and £100, respectively.

The most popular submission by votes will be rewarded £200. The winners will also be featured in our blog and promoted across our social media channels. Good luck!

John Smith Associate Fellowship in the Gulf Cooperation Council region

Front Row Hospitality

Building on the successful work done by the Trust and the British Council over the last two decades the new John Smith Associate Fellowship in Good Governance for GCC countries will provide an opportunity to young professionals in the Gulf region to develop their skills and ideas, and to participate in a series of structured conversations on issues that are of direct significance to their own societies, as well as the global community.

The first “John Smith Associate Fellowship in Good Governance” will be held in February–March 2016. The Associate Fellowship is intended for GCC citizens aged under 35 years, and who already have shown a commitment to contribute to their respective societies through their professional work, their academic research, or their engagement with civil society and the voluntary sector in their respective countries.

The event will consist of a series of workshops and team building sessions exploring the themes of the Fellowship, and providing training skills in areas such as leadership and public speaking. Representatives from the institutions helping to deliver the Fellowship, St Andrews University, Oxford University and the British Council, together with John Smith Trustees will participate in the event. There will be an opportunity to interact with British decision-makers at different levels during meetings with the Scottish Government and Parliament, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Parliament and other institutions.


School Course Choices To IB-or not to IB?

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

That is the question many prospective parents are asking themselves when faced with the sometimes bewildering task of choosing between schools offering IBs (international Baccalaureate) , A-levels and increasingly, the Cambridge Pre-U exams. Opinion is very much divided over the best path for students to take, and indeed a convincing argument can be made for either.

Supporters of the IB believe, as Pat Jewitt, registrar at Queen Ethelburga’s college, York states, that, “Offering the IB gives us a competitive edge and students a highly respected qualification.”


Whilst defenders of the A-level, such as Brian Hickmore, former head of Maugins school, holds that “contrary to what people think, when it comes to applying to University, there is not much difference between the IB and A-level programmes. That’s an outdated way of thinking”. With opinion thus divided and sound arguments for each side, the real question parents should be asking is what is the best for my child? Of course this is at the heart of every parent’s questioning and decision making and there is rarely a straightforward answer.

So what are the pros and cons of these systems? Students choosing the more traditional A-level route will choose 3 or 4 subjects, focussing in on the subjects they perform best in, often specialising in sciences, humanities or arts. A typical line up might be: Physics, Maths, Further Maths & Chemistry for example, or, English, History, Philosophy & Politics. However, they choices could be as disparate as Maths, French, Art & Psychology. The student is able to choose subjects which interest them and they have demonstrated they are likely to do well in. The IB, however, works in a different way. Students take six subjects: three at higher level and three at lower level which must include maths, a science, English and at least one modern language. The scope is broad but the standard is high meaning that this is a challenge for those students who might struggle with languages, maths or essay writing…indeed any aspect of the curriculum which is compulsory for IB students.

The IB is recognised for its breadth, suiting an all round academic where the A-level system is designed to enable students to begin to demonstrate specialism ahead of University entry. If you recognise your child in either of these descriptions, then the choice of school may be made easier. That said, a number of schools offer both options, Charterhouse, Bryanston and Wellington to name a few. Marlborough College, on the other hand, offer students the opportunity to study the traditional A-levels, IBs and the relatively newly formed Cambridge Pre-U. The Pre-U are designed to prepare students for the demands of University with study in subjects such as Critical Thinking and Creativity, Problem Solving Skills and Independence through a rigorous and broad range of subjects which can be studied alongside A-levels.

These systems both undeniably provide students with rigorous and internationally recognised qualifications. The right path for your child will depend on their talents, challenges and disposition. One thing is clear, that IB or A-level, parents can be sure that the quality of the education on offer in British schools prepares children not only for University entry but for the wider adult world.

This article was written by Katharine Allen, Front Row Education


Services include:

  • Corporate and high net worth individual sports hospitality
  • Corporate speaker series and speaker procurement
  • VIP event and dinner management
  • Unrivalled access to the world's leading sporting events
  • International sporting legend appearances and attendance at VIP events
  • Corporate leadership, team-building and motivation development
  • Internal corporate team-building events and off-sites
  • Full lifestyle & concierge management
  • Independent school advisory and consultancy
  • Assistance, introductions and guest list invitations to potential client developments

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